[31 Best Lite Android Apps] To Get Improved Performance And Battery Life

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Lite android apps were introduced for android go devices to get improved performance and battery life. And those lite apps are not limited to Android Go devices only.

You can install Lite android apps on any android phone to get:

If you are searching for some useful lite android apps for your smartphone, then your search ends here.

I am listing some of the best lite android apps to improve your phone’s performance and battery life.

list of best lite android apps
List of best lite android apps

List of Best lite android apps for Android Go devices

Editor's Note
I’ll keep updating this list of best lite android apps, whenever a new worthy lite app comes on the Google Play store.

Social Lite Apps

Facebook Lite

Whenever I reset my phone, first I install social media apps, and Facebook is top of the list. For android, there is an official app from Facebook, but that app is so dense and doesn’t run smoothly is lower-end android devices.

To solve that problem, Facebook launched a lighter app of the original Facebook app. Facebook Lite app is the best alternative to the Facebook app. It comes with all the standard features of Facebook and consumes less storage and data.

You’ll not be going to miss anything of Facebook by using Facebook lite version. If you’re using the Facebook app, then uninstall that and try using Facebook Lite instead.

You’ll see the increase in the performance of your android phone because Facebook lite required much less RAM than the Facebook app.

Download Facebook Lite

Messenger Lite

Just like Facebook android app, the Facebook team launches Facebook Messenger’s lite version for the “android go” users.

Using the original Facebook and Facebook messenger app in the same android device might take huge RAM and battery power.

Some users use Facebook but don’t chat with anyone, are you one of them? Please let me know in the comment section.

Some use only Facebook Messenger for chatting purposes. Different people different choices.

Even if you have a high-end Android device, you can try any of the Lite apps of Facebook instead of using both the original heavy apps. Messenger Lite is an excellent option for those who use Facebook apps and chats occasionally.

Download Messenger Lite

Twitter Lite

Honestly, I don’t use Twitter very much, just occasionally, if I have to check something or tweet. So I’ve installed a lite version of the original Twitter app to reduce some load of my android device.

Try Twitter lite. It’s an excellent lite app for those who want to get most out of their smartphone. It has all the features of the original Twitter android app. You’ll not be going to miss anything.

Download Twitter Lite

Pinterest Lite

Pinterest is an excellent platform for exploring ideas on the internet. Now Pinterest Lite is also available for Android Go users.

Get ideas for the topics you care about most. Here’s what you can find and save on Pinterest:

  • Lifestyle ideas and inspiration
  • Fashion and style inspiration
  • Quotes and festive greetings
  • Food, new recipes & cooking
  • Home decor, Architecture, DIY, Storage, and Organization
  • Parenting and kids
  • Wedding fashion, makeup, destinations and everything you need to know to plan your special day
  • Travel, fitness, and beauty and more.

Download Pinterest Lite

LinkedIn Lite

LinkedIn is very popular among entrepreneurs and business owners. LinkedIn is a place where you can find a job or find an employee for your business.

Don’t worry if you have already installed so many apps in your android device. Now LinkedIn has a lighter version LinkedIn Lite which size is just 1.2MB which will get your job done in lesser data and storage.

Download LindedIn Lite

Skype Lite

Skype is a top-rated communication platform for online video calling and chatting purposes. Keep in touch with your loved ones with Skype Lite, a lighter version of the Skype app for android.

Skype Lite is one of the best lite apps for those who are looking for a good video calling app. Use this app if you don’t want to compromise your Android device performance and storage problem.

Download Skype Lite

Lite Apps By Google

Google Go

Just like Google Chrome, Google Go is an official lite app browser for Android Go devices.

Google Go with some features which are not in even google chrome browser. Like if you like reading articles and blog posts on your android phone then this might be very useful browser for you.

It has a voice aloud reader, just click on the play button and Google Go will read the whole article for you. This lite browser is made for lower-end android devices so there will be no lag and performance issue at all.

Download Google Go

YouTube Go

It is not possible to survive this world without YouTube. It’s not like you can not live without, but if you are not watching the youtube app, then you are missing a lot of useful information for your type.

Youtube Go is a lite version for Android Go devices to run smoothly and without having performance issues.

These Android Go apps are not for the specific devices; you can install it on any android device.

Download YouTube Go

Gmail Go

Gmail Go is a much faster and lighter version of the Gmail Android app. All the Google apps are essential so as Gmail. There’s no way you can operate your Android device without having a Gmail account.

Gmail is an excellent communication app for android devices. Gmail app will organise your emails and filters the spam messages so that you can get a cleaner look and experience.

Gmail takes so much storage for the messages you receive. Use Gmail Go instead of the Gmail app to save more battery and storage.

Download Gmail Go

Gallery Go By Google Photos

Sometimes stock gallery app of a android device sucks, you can replace your stock gallery app to “Gallery go by Google photos”.

It’s a lite gallery app and comes with very handy features like:

  • Automatic Organisation
  • Auto-Enhance
  • Folders and SD card Support
  • Performance
  • Works Offline

Download Gallery Go By Google Photos

Google Assistant Go

Files By Google

Google Maps Go

Lite Apps For Maps And Navigation

Uber Lite

Ola Lite

Lite Music Apps

Spotify Lite

Gaana Lite

Shazam Lite

Reader Lite App

Amazon Kindle Lite

WPS Office Lite

Lite Tool Apps

Parallel Space Lite

AppLock Lite

App Hider Lite

Lite Games

PUBG Mobile Lite

Atlantic Fleet Lite

StuntSki Lite

Chess Genius Lite

Lite Internet Browser Apps

Hermit Lite Apps Browser

FireFox Lite

News Lite Apps

Opera News Lite

Feedly Classic

Still, if you want any other lite android app other than this list, then you can convert any website into a lite android app on your own.

Which is your favorite android app? And which app would you like to recommend to others? Please leave a comment down below.

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