Top 10 Best Lite Android Browsers To Use In 2021

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Browsing the Internet through Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft edge might be sluggish for an older android device. To enjoy the Internet in an old or a lower-end android, you will need a light android browser. So that here, I am listing Top 10 best Lite android browsers to get the speed you need.

A fast internet connection might not be everything to get a faster browsing experience. You will need a browser that can load things faster.

Android browsers are getting heavier after every update. For older and lower-end android devices, the developers made a lite version of internet browsers. So the “android go” users can also enjoy the Internet without having performance issues.

Using Lightweight android browsers might be useful in various ways.

  • You can browse faster with the lite browser app on your android.
  • Can save more internal storage of your device.
  • Your android phone’s battery will last longer if you can find out a perfect lite android browser.
  • Lightweight browsers consume less RAM, so count a better performance also.

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For android users, there are a lot of Internet browsers available on the Google Play Store. But finding the best lite android browser might be a little challenging. For your convenience, I am listing some best Lightweight browsers for android devices. Try and find out which one do you like.

Top 10 Best Lite android browsers to use in 2021
Top 10 Best Lite android browsers to use in 2021

Here are Top 10 best lite android browsers to get a faster browsing experience.

10 Best Lite Android Browsers For Faster Loading Speed

I am not listing these lite android browsers according to the preference. And sizes might vary on different android devices. And of course, I’ll keep updating this list; thank you!

1. Via Browser – Fast & Light – Geek Best Choice

Via browser is the lightest android browser in the list. It’s light, yet sturdy browser comes with every useful feature you require. Via is the lightest, fastest, and one of the most stable browsers indeed.

  • Has night mode to reduce strain on eyes.
  • You can surf through websites in desktop mode.
  • Switch between your favorite search engines instantly.
  • Find any word in a visited page.
  • You can adjust the font size.
  • For geeks, it has an option to view source code, just like desktop browsers.
  • All essential privacy features are available like Adblock and incognito mode, and more.
  • You can use data saving mode to save your data and load the page faster.
  • Turn off or turn on images; this one is a cool feature to browse even faster.

In short, via browser is the best lite android browser. It has all the essential features you require.

Via Browser’s Ratings, Size & Downloads

2. Yandex.Browser Lite

Yandex Browser Lite is an excellent alternative to via browser. Though Yandex lacks in awesome features like via browser offers.

But it is lightweight and quite convenient for an average android user who only wants a faster browsing experience. You can easily switch between tabs, and you’ll also get some recommended content to read according to your personal choice.

Yandex Browser’s Ratings, Size & Downloads

3. Super Fast Browser

Super Fast Browser is lightweight, fast, and has average yet useful features for normal users. Try this, and who knows, a super-fast browser might be the best lite android browser you were looking for this long.

  • Super lean and intuitive UI
  • With the AdBlocker feature, enjoy the internet even faster.
  • It has a built-in Download Accelerator to increase your download speed.
  • Easily switch Multi-tabs while browsing.
  • It has an Auto-Fullscreen feature; readers will like it.
  • You can share anything with friends.
  • Tune everything in Settings according to your preference.

I like the downloading speed of this Super Fast Browser. To find out, try it out yourself.

Super Fast Browser’s Ratings, Size & Downloads

4. Hermit • Lite Apps Browser

Hermit is one of the highest-rated lite browsers on the list. It’s lightweight and comes with tons of fully loaded handy features. And this browser is primarily famous for its lite app making abilities. You can convert any website into a lite android app using this lite apps browser.

All the listed browsers are entirely free to download from the Google Play store. But the hermit browser comes with in-app purchases to get some more extra features.

If we compare the size and features, then the Hermit app is one of the best lite android browsers on the list.

Hermit Lite Apps Browser – Ratings, Size & Downloads

5. Google Go: A lighter, faster way to search

And here comes the official lite browser made for lower-end Android devices by Google. “Google goes” is an excellent alternative to the chrome browser.

Google Go is downloaded by 100M+ users from the play store, making it the most downloaded lite browser in the list and most probably the most downloaded lite browsers in the entire Google Play Store.

  • It is the most stable and lightweight browser, which can save lots of your internal storage.
  • Save 40% of data with its lite mode feature.
  • Just tap on the Play button, and Google go will read aloud the whole page for you.
  • It has all the useful websites which you can use as a lite android app.
  • You can easily switch between languages if you want.
  • Find out what’s trending and news according to your personal preference.

It is no wonder it got 100M+ downloads, and all of its excellent features make it one of the best lite android browsers to try.

SizeVaries with device
Google Go – Ratings, Size & Downloads

6. Browser – Fast and Smart Explorer

The irony is that this browser’s name itself is “browser.” Unlike other browser apps in the list, this browser is also lightweight and can be a solid performer. I am not mentioning the most common features but what I like about this lite browser is that:

  • You can save any web page as a PDF file and send it to anyone you want.
  • Save web pages for offline reading.
  • QR code reader and barcode scanner
  • It’s lightweight, so no performance issue at all.
  • Can save some extra storage and internet data for you.
Browser – Ratings, Size & Downloads

7. Firefox Lite- Fast, Lightweight, and Secure Browser

Firefox Lite is the lite version of the original Mozilla firefox android browser. It is the second-highest-rated browser on the list after Hermit. If your concern is privacy, then Firefox lite might be the best bet for you.

  • With turbo mode, browse faster with firefox lite.
  • It’s a tiny browser offered by one of the most trusted company Mozilla.
  • Less in size, so you won’t have to compromise your Android device’s storage and performance.
  • When browsing in private browsing mode, you can browse without a trace. No history, no passwords, and no cookies recorded.
  • You can block images to browse even faster.
  • Turn on night mode to reduce some strain on your eyes.
Firefox Lite’s Ratings, Size & Downloads

8. Stargon Browser

Stargon browser could be your best lite android browser if you can look at the features that it has to offer. Using a lite android browser will save your storage and data and save your battery life. The Stargon browser’s size is 4.3MB, and it perfectly fits the place.

  • Use your custom fonts with the Stargon lite browser.
  • Night mode for owls.
  • It has a built-in DNS VPN to bypass restricted sites.
  • Download any embedded image or video of the web page.
  • Go full screen to get an immersive experience without getting distracted.
  • It has a cool feature to capture customizable screenshots.
  • Use secret mode to maintain your privacy.
  • Try gestures to swipe pages forward or backward.
Web Browser’s Ratings, Size & Downloads

9. Opera Mini – fast web browser

I still remember using opera mini on Java and Symbian Nokia phones. Opera mini is one of the oldest web browsers available. You’ll find different sizes of the opera browser for different devices to get optimal performance.

For lower-end android devices, opera made opera mini (a lite android browser). Opera mini is a lite yet very powerful browser you can find on the google play store.

  • Read news according to your preference.
  • Share files offline with up to 300MB/seconds.
  • Watch online streaming videos effortlessly with opera mini.
  • Block Ads and customize your browser’s look, theme colors, and more.
  • Save web pages for offline reading with this lite android browser.
  • Use night mode to reduce eye strain and choose your favorite search engine.

I can say Opera mini is one of the best lite Android browsers available.

SizeVaries with device
Opera Mini – Ratings, Size & Downloads

10. KUTO Mini Browser – Tiny, Private, Fast, No Ad 

If you were looking for a lite browser to download large files on your android phone, then the KUTO Mini Browser might suit you. This tiny browser might not be the highest rated browser on the list but it has all the essential features that a browser should have. KUTO is the perfect one if you were looking for a lightweight tiny browser for your android device.

  • Turn on no image mode to stop loading images and videos when the network connection is poor.
  • Switch to desktop mode to experience how the visited site looks on a PC.
  • It has a built-in video player to watch your downloaded videos instantly.
  • Download anything with full possible speed, thanks to the KUTO Mini Browser’s super fast downloader.
KUTO Mini Browser’s Ratings, Size & Downloads

If I had to choose one lite browser for my android phone, then It would be Via Browser without a doubt. Which was your favorite browser? Please let me know in the comment section.

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