1 Click Method To Clear All App Cache Data On Android

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When you have to clear junk files and cache data from your android phone, then it might be difficult to delete those files one by one. To make things easier for you, I am going to tell you how you can clear all app cache data from your android phone with just one click.

You might have noticed when you open an app for the first time, it takes a little time to open, but when you reopen that app for the second time, it loads faster than before. It happens because of the cache data.

The same thing with the browser apps when you visit a web page for the first time it will take time, but when you visit that same page for the second time, it will reopen faster.

FAQ – clear cache on Android phones

What is Cached data in android phones?

An android app requires some amount of space to run itself properly this is why if we don’t have very much internal storage in our system, google play store says, please uninstall some apps to install this one.

When we open an app, that app makes some small files in the phone’s system memory, and these small files are the information of what things you have done in your app, we call these files cache data.

Your phone will use that cache memory for that particular app to provide a better user experience. It means if you reopen that app, it will load faster than before.

For example, if you are browsing something on the internet with google chrome app in your android phone, the chrome app will make cache data for every site you visit. And if you visit that page again, chrome will use its cache memory and load that page very quickly.

Is Cache files are good or bad for my Android phone?

As I’ve mentioned earlier that any app uses cache memory to load faster and can provide a better user experience.

So if you ask me that cache data is good or bad, then I would say its good as long as you have enough internal storage on your phone.

But it can negatively impact your phone’s performance if you are running out of internal storage. So I would suggest deleting your cache data before experiencing any performance lag.

Should I delete cache files from my phone?

If you delete the cache files from your phone, then the app is going to make those files again, so I would say it’s not necessary to remove your cached data very frequently.

But after using your phone for a more extended period, there’s a chance that you can be soon running out of your system memory.

In a word, yes, you should delete but after at least one week to two.

Will clearing cache data can improve the performance of my phone?

No, clearing cached data will not going to improve the performance of your phone. Instead of cache files helps your phone to perform better.

But if you are already running out of the internal storage of your android device, then it is recommended to consider clearing your cache.

But clearing your browser cache data will improve your browsing experience.

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If you use some heavy apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter then don’t forget to clear these app’s cache because they might impact your phone’s performance.
clear all app cache data on android

One-click method to clear all app cache data on android.

How To Clear All App Cache Data On Android With A Single Click

Though there is a standard method to clear app cache files from the android phone but who don’t want to know a better way to do it, you can delete app cache files from multiple apps with a single tap using an android assistant apk.

Many apps allow the user to clear cache data of their android phone with a single click. Still, If I had to suggest one, then I would say go with the assistant for android apk.

Assistant for lite is a very lite app and still comes with tons of fully loaded features, but today we are going to talk only about how to clear all app cache data using assistant for android.

assitant for android app
Assistant for android app
  • Open the app; you can see a bunch of utility options, click on clear cache there.
clear all app cache files
Assistant for android – user interface
  • After clicking clear cache, you will see a list of all installed apps on your android phone.
  • You can select all, or you can choose a few particular apps to be cleaned.
delete app cache files on android
Select and delete all app cache data on android phone
  • This app will ask you to allow accessibility permissions to clear all app cache files automatically.
  • Grant the permissions to the assistant for the android app, and you are all set to clear your cache data of multiple apps by one click.

Final Words

Building cache data is a smart move by android phones to give better performance to their users. They don’t have to load things again; hence you will experience a performance boost.

Some of the popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Google chrome use cache data a lot. So you can use those apps even in offline for a little.

I do not clear my app cache files; instead, I prefer doing force stop to close apps.

If you’re having any other problem with your phone, then you can also visit the official Google account help page to troubleshoot your phone’s issues.

Though you will not be going to witness very much difference after cleaning cache or not cleaning, still you should take care of your phone, because if you take care of things they last.

The article was everything about clearing cache files from your android phone. I hope you’ve got all of your answers.

Thank me by sharing this article on your social handles, and if you have any queries regarding your android smartphone, please feel free to write your words in the comment section. I will answer you on the same day.

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