Convert Any Website Into A Lite Android App [3 Best Ways]

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The theme of this article is all about explaining the importance of the lite version of android apps so that you can know the actual capacity of your android device.

On the 5th December 2017, Google introduced Android Go for entry-level Android devices. The motive was to give a better experience to every android phone user.

Google also introduced lite android apps by naming it android go apps.

Android Go is a stripped-down version of Android specially designed for entry-level (with 2GB RAM or lesser) hardware devices.

Like android go, there are lite apps which are also a stripped-down version of original android apps. Lite apps are for android go devices to provide a lag-free experience to the users.

Google encourages android app developers to focus on creating on lite version apps. So the people who don’t have decent specifications can also enjoy the same experience.

That’s why you can see some popular apps come with two versions like one is normal, and the second is the lite version of that app. When you search in the Google play store, it will show you both versions.

Advantages Of Using Lite Version Of Android Apps:

  • To improve your android device’s performance.
  • To extend the battery life of your Android device.
  • You can save more data by using a lite version of android apps.
  • Use lite android apps to save more internal storage of your android device.
  • You can have more installed apps on your phone at the same time.
  • If you’re using a mid-range device, then you’ll feel like using a flagship one.
  • This article might be an answer for you if you’re looking for how to get a flagship-level of performance in mid-range android devices.

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Sometimes, it might be challenging to find a lite version app for your device, so why not make your own?

This article is for normal android users. You can not make your lite android app without the knowledge of Android studio.

Making lite android app of any website is creating a shortcut of that site using a lite android app browser.

Here are 3 best ways to make your lite android apps in almost no time.

1. Convert Any Website Into Lite Android App Using “Hermit”

Hermit is an excellent option to convert any website into a lite android app. Hermit is a lite apps browser that can make a lite android app by any URL.

This Hermit app basically makes a shortcut of any website to your browser so you can use that shortcut icon as a lite android app.

hermit lite apps browser
Size of Hermit Lite apps browser

Size of the hermit browser is just 3.9 MB (as of now), and after installation, it takes 10 MB. Which makes it the lightest browser in the list and that’s why it is the best choice to create a lite android app.

Download Hermit Lite Apps Browser

  • Open the app and click on “search or type URL”.
  • For example, amazon’s lite app is not available yet on the Google play store so type or in the URL section.
  • After loading the website, click on the upper-right corner’s settings icon.
  • You can see a bunch of options. You have to click on Create a Lite App.
convert amazon into lite android app
Convert Amazon into a lite android app
  • Congratulations! you have successfully created your lite android app.
  • You will find a Amazon icon along with hermit app on your home screen.
  • It was just an example, you can convert any website into a lite android app using this method.
convert any website into a lite android app
Convert any website into a lite android app

Hermit Lite apps browser also comes with pre-configured lite apps for most popular sites.

All you have to do is click on that plus (+) icon, and you can see a list of all popular websites. From here, create a shortcut of any site you want and use as a lite android app.

2. Make Your Own Lite Version App Using “Google Go”

Google Go is an official android Go app, a lite browser for lower-end devices. It’s a lighter version of the original Chrome browser.

Google Go is an Android Go app, a browser for entry-level devices. But it’s not limited to only lower-end devices, and any android user can install it.

Though it’s size is just 7MB, but after installation, it takes approx 30MB (it varies with devices).

“Google Go” is the perfect browser for those who love reading articles on the Internet. Though it has too many features and my favorite is read aloud. You have to tap one button, and the browser will spell out for you.

  • Download and install Google Go browser from Google Play Store.

Download Google Go

Google Go app size
Google Go app size
  • Open it, and you will know how good this app is.
  • It already has a lot of pre-configured sites that you can use as a lite android app.
convert any website into a lite android app
List of all websites, you can use as a Lite android app.
  • You can select any site from the app lists or your own.
  • Just long-press the website icon and the site will automatically add on your browser’s home screen.
convert any website into a lite android app
Example – Adding LinkedIn on home screen.

Google go is a lite app browser so turn on lite mode for faster page loading and to save your mobile data.

To learn more about Google’s new lite mode read this official article by Google chrome help page.

3. Use “Firefox Lite” To Turn Any Website Into a Lite Android App

Firefox lie is a lite version of original Mozilla firefox, created for android go users. Well, not only “android go”, any android user can use it.


Some internet browsers are even lighter than the mentioned ones, but they might not be as stable as these are.

It’s a personal choice that which browser do you like, but if you ask me, I would say “Google go” can be the best choice if you don’t like hermit browser.

Although among all three of the mentioned browsers, “Google Go” takes more space after installation. But still, its a Google product and is stable enough to give an excellent experience to the user.

By using just one browser app instead of using an android app for every particular website, you can save a lot of your internal storage, mobile data. You can also get improved battery life and performance on your android device.

Which was your favorite method to create a lite app of your own? And if you’ve any queries or suggestions regarding your android device, please feel free to write your words in the comment section.

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