[29 Best Tips] To Extend Battery Life On Android

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While choosing a smartphone, battery capacity is one of the most deciding factors. People love to have a bigger battery in their phones. Android phone’s battery gets weaker over the usage of time. So we are going to talk about how you can extend battery life on android phone.

Saving the battery life of your android phone and extending battery life on your Android phone are two different things. Just think about it. What do you want?

You want to save your current battery juice that can last a little longer till the next charging session, or you wish to extend your android device’s battery lifespan?

Why not choose both? I will cover every fact that will let you find out why your android phone’s battery is not lasting longer, and how you can make it happen.

Relation between Android phone's battery life and Performance
“The battery life of your Android device is directly proportional to it’s best possible performing condition – topbestbuzz.com”.

If you disable additional options like animations and other fancy stuff, your phone will automatically perform better, and you will get better battery life.

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extend battery life on android
29 best tips to extend battery life on android devices

Here are 27 best tips to Extend Battery Life of your android phone or tablet.

1. Try Keeping Your Phone’s Charging Percentage Between 20% to 80%

keep your charging 20% to 80%
Try to keep your phone’s charging percentage between 20% to 80%

Smartphone batteries aren’t invincible, and they are not built to last for eternity, at least for till now. The mobile phone’s battery loses its capacity after charging and discharging.

For example, If you charge your android phone from 0% to 100% and let it discharge again till 0%, then it is called one charging cycle.

On average, a smartphone loses 20% of its battery capacity after completing 400 charging cycles.

If you are willing to use your android device for a more extended period without compromising battery capacity, do not discharge your phone completely till power off.

Also, do not charge your android phone to 100%, let it be between 20% to 80%. If this is hard for you, then try for at least 10% to 90%.

If you can maintain this charging process, then your phone’s battery life will be extended for sure.

2. Choose Your Phone With Lithium-Polymer Battery

choose lithium-polymer battery
Lithium-Polymer battery

Ok, this is for your next Android smartphone; you always have two battery options lithium-ion and lithium-polymer.

Whenever you have to purchase a new phone, go for the one with a lithium-polymer battery instead of lithium-ion.

In the beginning, you can’t notice that your phone’s battery is getting weaker over time, but it happens.

As I mentioned before, after 400 charging cycles, a phone’s battery loses its 20% of the actual capacity, and that’s not it, your phone will start self-discharge without even using.

The Android phone with lithium-ion batteries loses its capacity a little earlier than the one with a lithium-polymer battery. Also, phones with lithium-ion batteries get self discharged over time.

Few reasons to choose an Android device with a Lithium-Polymer battery:

  • Lithium-Polymer batteries are safer than Lithium-ion.
  • Light in weight
  • It has very low self-discharge while not using the phone.
  • Don’t lose their capacity very soon.

It might be a controversial topic, but if you ask me, I have experienced the android phones with Li-Po batteries last longer without losing very much of their capacity.

Also, safety is most important, so I’ll recommend you to go with a Lithium-polymer battery, you will get longer battery life.

3. Use Airplane Mode To Get Your Battery Last Longer

use airplane mode
Use Airplane Mode To Get Your Battery Last Longer

And here comes the best tip to save your android phone’s battery life. Just activate the airplane mode of your device, and you can get extended battery life.

Sometimes, enabling airplane mode might save your battery more than your battery sever can.

You don’t have to power off your phone all the time if you want to save some of your phone’s battery juice, activate the airplane mode, and you’re all set to save your android phone’s battery.

Try using airplane mode in these scenarios:

  • Use airplane mode if you are traveling somewhere, and the network is unstable because the fluctuating network drains more battery than any other task.
  • If you have to watch a movie on your phone, it might be the best time to turn on your android phone’s airplane mode.
  • You can also turn on the airplane mode during the night if you’re not home and out somewhere.

4. Disable Backup & Sync Settings For Google Photos

I have horrible memories with Google Photos app. I was recording videos and taking pictures with my android phone.

My auto backup & sync enabled that time, so as soon as I was clicking a new picture, it started uploading in Google photos.

As a result, my phone was getting hotter, and the battery was draining too fast.

At that time, I had no idea why my phone is getting warmer, and internet data was getting used so quickly. Later, I found the reason behind those unusual experience with my android phone

Although Google photos is an excellent option to store your images and videos on Google cloud, so you can access those stuff from anywhere and in any device.

disable backup and sync settings
Disable Backup & Sync Settings

But if your concern is battery life then do turn off the backup & sync settings from your Google Photos app. It will extend your android device’s battery life.

5. Force Stop Apps To Extend Battery Life On Android

While using the android phone when you swipe an app from your recent list thinking that you’ve closed that app, but you’ve only closed that app’s task, that app might still be running in the background.

Performing force stop in android phones is my favorite trick to get the most out of my android phone.

Doing force stop in android phones will kill all the running apps in the background. Hence phone can not only perform better but also it’s the battery going to last longer.

force stop apps on android
Force stop Android apps
  • You can force stop your android apps by going into the Settings > Apps > Your particular app.
  • If you want to force stop all of your android apps in one click, do check out the post I’ve already written.
  • How to force stop all android apps in one click.
  • Do not force stop your android apps wisely; do not close them frequently.
  • Use the force stop of your android system only when you know that you are not going to use that app again for some time.
  • If you are forcing to stop your apps again and again, it will negatively impact your phone’s battery and performance.

6. Use Dark Wallpaper And Dark Theme

use dark wallpaper to save battery
Use Dark Wallpaper And Dark Theme on your android phone.

This point is only for those android phone users with either AMOLED or OLED display panel.

Try using dark wallpapers and dark themes for maximum if you want to extend your battery life on an android phone.

AMOLED display panels look not only enjoyable but also their dark pixels don’t consume the phone’s battery, resulting in better battery life.

If your current phone is with LCD or IPS panel, using dark wallpaper won’t get you any better battery life. Get your new handset’s display with AMOLED or OLED one.

7. Turn Off Auto-Update Apps From Google Play Store

By default, auto-update apps are set to update over Wi-Fi only in the Google play store app. Whenever your phone gets a Wi-Fi connection, it is going to update the apps automatically.

turn off auto updates from google play store
Turn Off Auto-Update Apps From Google Play Store

Updating apps in the background will cost your phone’s battery life, and also you will experience slow internet.

So take some control over your updating your apps, and this way, you will be able to update your apps whenever you want.

8. Use Lite Apps To Get Better Performance And Battery Life

lite android apps
Lite android apps

You are well aware of what is going to happen if you use the original Facebook app in any lower-end android phone, you can’t even scroll.

To get lag-free experience in lower-end android devices, app developers made lite apps like Facebook lite, Twitter lite, and many.

Lite versions of the original apps are very well optimized, and they consume lesser battery juice to run. Try out yourself even if your phone is capable enough to run any app. Using lite apps will extend the battery life of your android device.

9. Turn Off Animations Using Developer Options

turn off animations
Developer options – turn off animations

We see beautiful animations while doing in our smartphone like scrolling, opening apps, switching between apps. These animations also consume the battery of your android device.

Disabling these animations will not only give you better battery life but also improved performance.

But I would like to suggest, do not disable your device’s animations altogether. You won’t like it using your phone without animations for sure. Reduce your animations from 1x to 0.5x. After reducing your device’s animations in half will also get your job done.

To disable your android phone’s animations, you have to enable your developer options first, follow these steps:

  • Go to your android device’s Settings > About phone > tap on build number 5 to 7 times until you’ll see a popup “You’re now a developer.”
  • Now go to your Settings > System > Developer options.
  • By default, developer options are disabled, enable it.
  • Scroll down to the Drawing section.
  • You can see the window animation scale options, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale. Set their animation scale to 0.5x for each.
  • But here’s the fact that if you want better battery life on your android device, turn off the animations completely.

10. Enable Battery Saver Mode

enable battery saver mode
Enable battery saver mode

Almost every Android device gets a feature called Battery saver mode. The name might be different in your phone like ultra battery saving, power saver. These all are the same, and so the same thing to save more battery life of your android phone.

Everything comes with a price, enabling battery saver mode will cost your phone’s some features like auto-syncing, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other notifications.

So use battery saver mode wisely, like if your phone is about to shut down and you still want something from it, turn on battery saver.

11. Disable Secondary Sim If You Don’t Need

Need or not, nowadays, people use two sim cards in their smartphones.

When it comes to saving battery life, using two sim cards in a single android phone might consume more battery life than any other thing.

disable secondary sim option
Disable secondary sim to extend your phone’s battery life

I am not saying that you shouldn’t use two sim cards in your android phone. Only consider disabling your one sim card when you don’t need that.

If you turn off your one sim card, your android phone’s battery will last long till the next charge. And charging less your phone will get you extended battery life.

12. Enable Don’t Keep Activities To Improve Battery Life.

enable don't keep activities
Developer options – Enable don’t keep activities

In developer settings, there is an option to destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it.

To enable this option in your android device:

  • Go to Settings > System > Developer options.
  • Scroll down to Apps.
  • Enable, don’t keep activities option.

Don’t keep activities option might not be useful for you when you have to multitask.

By means when you are using an app on your phone, and as soon as you open any other app, the first app will be killed. And if you switch back to the first app, your device will take more power to open it.

Use don’t keep activities feature only when your phone’s charging percentage is deficient, and all you have to save your battery.

13. Avoid Battery Saver Apps

Avoid using battery-saving apps in your android device to increase battery life. Sounds weird? But it’s not.

Killing an app opening it again takes not only more battery power but also uses more CPU of your android device.

And what battery saver apps do? They kill the apps frequently, and as a result, the user will experience poor performance as well as battery drain problems.

Modern Android devices are already well optimized and you don’t need any battery saver app to extend your battery life. So do not install any battery saver app on your android phone.

14. Disable Auto-Brightness

To save more battery life, consider disabling auto-brightness of your android phone.

The ambient light sensor of your smartphone senses the amount of light present outside, and according to that, it automatically controls your phone’s brightness level.

Disable auto brightness
Disable auto brightness setting

In this process, the sensor consumes some amount of battery power of your smartphone. And that’s not it, sometimes, auto-brightness doesn’t set the level of your choice.

So I would suggest you set the brightness level of your display by yourself.

15. Restrict Background Data To Improve Battery Life

Some apps that are running the background also consume your internet data to keep itself updated. In the process of running in the background and consuming data, the apps also drain the battery power.

In android phones, there is an option to restrict background data. It means you can stop using background data for any app you want.

To restrict background data of your android device:

Restrict Background Data To Improve Battery Life
Restrict Background Data To Improve Battery Life
  • Go to your settings > Apps > Scroll down to Data usage.
  • There you have the option to restrict background data.
  • You can apply this to as many apps you want.
  • You can also restrict the internet data for the app from there.

For example, If you restrict the background data for your WhatsApp app, then the WhatsApp can not be able to get messages until you open it again.

Do try restricting background data of your android apps to extend the battery life of your android device until the next charging session.

16. Disable Touch Sounds And Vibrations

Fancy features like touch sounds and vibrations of your android phone consume battery power to provide a good user experience.

Disable Touch Sounds And Vibrations
Disable Touch Sounds And Vibrations

Consider disabling these features first to reduce some load from your android device’s battery.

It will be useful also when you don’t want others to listen to your phone’s weird sound every time you touch your screen.

17. Reduce Display’s Sleep Time Out

Reducing your display’s sleep activity time-out is a quite helpful tip in the list to save your android device. All you have to do is:

Reduce Display's Sleep Time Out
Reduce Display’s Sleep Time Out
  • Go to your Settings > Display > Sleep.
  • Set it to lowest which is 15 seconds.

For example, if you are using your smartphone and whenever you stop using it, leaving the display on, then it will take 15 seconds to sleep.

I have set sleep settings to 30 seconds in my android device because I read a lot. If you’re also a reader, then select it by yourself according to your choice.

It is evident if you want the best possible battery life from your android phone, then 15 seconds will be the best setting.

18. Try Using Wi-Fi Instead Of Mobile Data

You have your reasons why you are not using Wi-Fi instead of your cellular data.

Using Wi-Fi consume way less battery power of your android phone than using cellular data.

For your internet requirement, you should use a Wi-Fi connection when it is available. But also be careful with public Wi-Fi networks.

Just saying if you want to extend your smartphone’s battery life switch your internet connection to Wi-Fi.

19. Reduce Your Screen Brightness

In any android device, what people use the most? The screen of that device is the only thing that the user interact the most.
To get most out of your battery, you should reduce the brightness level or your screen.

By reducing the brightness level your phone will manage to give you better battery life.

Avoid using auto-brightness, do it manually; in this way, you will have control over your android phone’s brightness.

20. Use Web Browser Instead Of Apps Like Facebook And Other Heavy Apps

There is no doubt that the Facebook app is one of the heaviest app available on the Google play store.

If you use the Facebook app, and you have to chat with someone, it forces you to download Facebook’s very own Messenger app.

Facebook and Facebook messenger both are hefty apps for android device. Using both these apps in a single phone might impact not only the phone’s performance but also drain battery power quickly.

Try to avoid Facebook and its messenger app together in a single android device.

There are also some other web-based apps like Instagram, Twitter, Amazon etc. Use Chrome browser or Google Go instead of all these apps.

Use Web Browser Instead Of Apps Like Facebook And Other Heavy Apps
Use Web Browser Instead Of Apps Like Facebook And Other Heavy Apps

By using a single Internet browser instead of all those web-based android apps, you can get the best battery life from your android device.

21. Find Out Which App Is Using More Battery

In your android device, the more apps you will use, the more battery power they will consume.

The previous tip was to use an internet browser for so many apps, and you can save the most from your android device’s battery. It’s all up to you if you don’t like there are other ways to save battery life on android.

At first, let’s find out the most battery consuming apps of your android device. To do so:

Power usage
Power usage
  • Go to your settings > Battery > Battery usage.
  • Finding battery usage might be different in different android devices.
  • In battery usage, there is a list of complete apps that were consuming battery.
  • Now you know which app uses more battery of your android device.

To save your battery power, avoid using that particular app, or use an alternative like an internet browser. You can also force stop that app to prevent running in the background.

22. Charging Tips To Preserve Your Battery Life

Charging Tips To Preserve Your Battery Life
Charging Tips For Android smartphones

After doing some research and by my own experience, I am writing some charging tips that will extend battery life on Android devices.

  • Always use original data cable and charger, which you got with your android device.
  • Do not charge your phone overnight, it does nothing in a short time, but considering the long term, it is not suitable for your android device’s battery life.
  • Don’t let your phone’s battery discharge completely. Consider your battery charging percentage between 20% to 80%.
  • You can remove the back cover of your android device while charging it to prevent getting hot.
  • If you want to use your phone for a more extended period without compromising very much of battery power, then consider charging your phone with a slow charger.
  • Slow charging your device will not only improve your device’s battery life but also can get you extended battery life for your android.

23. Hide Notifications To Increase Battery Life Of Android Phone

Sometimes getting notifications for the apps that you’re already well aware of, might be frustrating.

Your android device consumes battery for the running background apps to provide you all the notifications.

For example, if you are getting too many notifications from a few particular apps like Facebook and Instagram, turn off their notifications.

Hide notifications on android apps
Turn notifications to make your phone’s battery last longer
  • Go to your Settings > Apps > open a Particular app > notifications.
  • You can turn off all the notifications or just a particular few notifications.
  • In this way, you can save your android device’s battery power without getting annoying.
Notification turn on screen
Disable – Notification turn on screen

Also, disable the notification turn on-screen, so every time you receive a notification, your phone’s display won’t wake up.

24. Reduce Screen Refresh Rate And Resolution

To save more battery power, you have to sacrifice the looks and smoothness of your android device.

  • Modern smartphones are coming with a higher refresh rate displays like 90hz, 120hz or 144hz, consider reducing it to 60Hz to save your phone’s battery.
  • In android phones, 60 frames per second are ideal and enough for smoothness, but if you want more, then it will drain your device’s battery sooner.
Reduce screen resolution
Reduce Screen Resolution to Save battery life.

Screen resolution of a phone also affects the battery life of smartphones. Here’s why you should reduce your display resolution to get more battery life from your android device:

  • You might have read or heard that this phone comes with 400PPI or 500 PPI. What is PPI? Well, the full form is pixels per inch.
  • If your phone’s display has 400 PPI, it means, in one inch, there will be 400 pixels on the screen.
  • More pixels will provide you excellent viewing experience but at the cost of battery power. A good screen always consumes more battery.
  • To prevent the battery drain of your smartphones, you can reduce the resolution from 1080p to 720p.
  • Though the 720p screen doesn’t look right, I don’t suggest it either, but if your priority is saving more battery of your android phone for some time, you should use this trick.

25. Don’t Forget to Turn Off Location, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi after Using

Sometimes we forget to turn off things after using, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or location. As a result, they consume the battery of android phones even when we are not using them.

Battery draining in our smartphone just because we forgot to turn off things might be frustrating.

There are few apps available on Google play store who can turn off these settings for you, but those apps might not run in every android device. Most of them for rooted android phone users.

Some android phones have settings to turn off Wi-Fi automatically and Bluetooth settings, find out in your device and set it up to turn off automatically when you’re not using them.

26. Do Not Swipe Your Recent Apps Frequently

If you have managed to read this far, then, there is a high chance you already know why I am saying to stop swiping your recent apps.

Do Not Swipe Your Recent Apps Frequently
Recent Apps

While swiping your recent apps from the list thinking that it will free your phone’s ram and you’ll get better performance then I have bad news for you.

For example, if you’ve swiped any app from your recent history and you need to open that again, then that app will take more battery for a startup back. That’s not it. The app will also affect the performance of the android device.

Swiping recent app does also help when you don’t have to use your android tablet or smartphone for some time.

27. Use Pro/Paid Version Of Android Apps

Some most popular apps like MX player have too many ads, as soon as you turn on your mobile data, MX player starts showing ads.

An app that shows you ads will continue draining your android’s battery until you turn off your cellular data.

MX player pro
MX player pro

For example, if you use Mx player pro app instead of the free version of MX player, then you will get a whole ad-free experience.

I wouldn’t say I like ads in any apps on my android phone. So I restrict internet data for that particular app if it is possible to use that app offline.

To extend battery life on android devices you should use a pro app of the free versions or you can restrict them to access the internet data.

28. Keep Your Device Updated

Updating an Android device is always a good thing to do. Android manufacturers provide over the air updates to fix bugs and some performance improvements.

Keeping update your android device will give you the best possible performance and improved battery life.

But also it is not advisable to update your smartphone as soon as you get the update. That update might have some bugs even so before updating your android phone do check out the reviews on the internet.

29. Restart Your Android Smartphone.

And last but not least do restart your android device in 2 or 3 days. Restarting will fix all the minor issues and problems and improve your phone’s battery life and performance also.

Restart Your Android Smartphone
Restart Your Android Smartphone.

What you do when your phone stuck or hangs suddenly? I guess a power off or restart.

So why not to restart your phone before experience any such problems with your phone.

Must Read:

 FAQ – Extending Battery Life On Android Devices

Which Android app consumes the most battery power?

The straight answer is the Facebook app. Though apps like Snapchat, TikTok are also battery consuming apps, they drain the battery when you keep them open.
The Facebook app runs in the background to provide you notifications, and in this way, consumes battery of your android device.

Which tasks drain the battery quickly of an android device?

Using Google maps, recording a video, rendering a video, and playing high intensive games drain the battery of an android device. Any task which involves graphical work consumes more battery power.

Is overnight charging wrong for my android phone’s battery?

Not really, modern android phones are smart enough to cut out the power after charging completed. But it is recommended not to do so every night.

Is slow charging will improve my phone’s battery life?

Yes! Charging your phone with a slow charger will improve your phone’s battery lifespan.
Fast charging will not only complete the charging cycle quickly but also decreases the battery life of the smartphone.

Does the battery drain quickly in hot weather?

The answer is yes! Generally, in hot weather smartphone’s battery drains a little faster than the average temperature.
The same goes for cold weather; also, try keeping your phone at the ideal temperature.

What is the ideal temperature for a smartphone battery?

The ideal temperature for a battery is neither too hot nor too cold; it is somewhere between 20 to 30-degree Celcius.
Don’t apply external heat or cold on your phone; it could be dangerous.

Is using another brand’s charger is bad for my phone’s battery?

Not really, it is entirely okay to charge your phone with any other well-known brand’s charger.
For example, you can charge your Samsung phone with a Nokia branded charger.

You also have the option to read how you can get the most life of your android device’s battery by Google official android help page.

To know what Android developers say about optimizing the battery life of your smartphone, check their guide.


The less you use your smartphone, the more you will get the battery life. Well, that’s not the advice for preserving the battery life of smartphones.

In short, I would like to suggest some of my favorite tips that will increase the lifespan of your android device.

  • Use force stop to prevent apps from running in the background.
  • Don’t let your phone power off.
  • Maintain charging percentage between 20 to 80%
  • Disable auto-update apps of Google play store and disable auto-upload your photos to Google Photos.
  • Use airplane mode while traveling or watching movies on your android phone.
  • Remove the back cover of your android phone when it gets too hot, most probably while charging.
  • Follow these, and you are good to go.

Thanks for reading this far, the article was a little longer because I wanted to cover everything that will help you to extend the battery life of your android device.

If you found this article helpful in any way thank me by sharing it on your social handles.

And if you have any suggestion or questions, then please feel free to write your words in the comment section, I’ll reply to you on the same day.

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