3 Easy Ways To Force Stop All Android Apps In One Click

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Maybe you are curious or heard or tried yourself doing force stop installed apps in your android phone. That is why you are here to know more about force stop. Here you are going to understand what is force stops and how to force stop all android apps in one click.

Few apps will help you to perform force stop all android apps in one click. Not every app might work in all the android devices, so try these and find yourself which one is for your phone.

What Is Force Stop In Android Phones?

When you swipe android apps from your recent list, the apps don’t get closed completely.

After swiping apps left or right, the only task gets closed, but their services are still running in the background. To close those android apps thoroughly, you can perform a force stop for that particular app. If you want, you can force stop as many apps that you’ve installed on your phone.

Usually, you should do force stop apps that are misbehaving or not responding sometimes.

Swiping recent open apps list only closes that app, but the app’s services still run in the background, but if you do force stop to close any app, it will shut down that app and that background services also.

force stop all android apps in one click

Force stop all android apps in one click.

FAQ about doing force stop in android phones

Here are a few questions that I found people asking on the internet, so I thought I should clear the doubts.

Ques. How can I undone force stop app?

Ans – Doing force stop doesn’t mean that it can not be undone; all you have to do is open that app again, and you can reaccess the app.

Ques. Is doing force stop is terrible for my android phone?

Ans – There’s nothing wrong in doing force stop an android app, yeah if you are doing very frequently, it might cause your phone’s battery drain faster.

Ques. In which phone this force stop will work?

Ans – Doesn’t matter which brand’s Android phone like Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, realme, Oppo, Vivo, or OnePlus, this is for every android phone user. The Android OS will be the same in all these brand manufacturers, though settings might be a little different.

Benefits Of Force Stop Running apps in the background

There are many benefits of doing force stop apps from your android phone. I am listing some of them:

  • Force stop can close any particular android app completely from being running in the background.
  • If you force stop your app, then you will get a significant performance boost in your android phone.
  • Forcing stop android apps will help you to get more battery life from your phone.
  • You can install more apps if you close other apps with force stop because there will be no apps running in the background anymore.
  • If any app is misbehaving or getting crashed in your phone, then you can close that app using force stop and clearing cache of that particular app, and later the problem won’t exist anymore.
  • You can force stop any app that isn’t working or stuck.
Short Note
Force stop is the best thing to do in any android smartphone; it will not only give you better performance but also helps your phone’s battery to get the most out of it. I would like to suggest trying the one-click method to close all of your android apps.

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To know in deep about how to force stop works in android phones, you can watch this video.

Here Is How You Can Force Stop All Android Apps In Just One Click

1. The standard way to force stop an android app

As usual, to close any app using force stop, you have to go to your settings > Apps > touch your app > there you can see two options uninstall and force stop. Just touch on that force stop option, and you’ve successfully closed your app till you are going to open that again.

But there is one problem with this method, and that is if you have to force stop multiple apps at a time, then you have to do it one by one. Don’t worry, there are still other methods to try, and they will do your job by just clicking on one button.

2. Force stop android apps using Greenify

I still remember using the Greenify app to hibernate my running apps; this app is so lovely. Your installed apps might be running in the background and might consuming battery power.

Greenify can hibernate those running apps so you can save more battery power with significantly better performance by your phone.

Greenify is one of my favorite must-have apps. Greenify gives you the control to close only those app which you want to. To perform a force stop all android apps in one click with Greenify, follow these steps:

force stop all android apps using greenify

Welcome to Greenify app

  • After installing open Greenify app, you have to select the working mode for your device, select the first one, which is my device is NOT rooted, and click on next.
working mode not rooted device

Working Mode – My device is not rooted

  • Now grant permission to “allow usage access,” and your Greenify app is all ready to hibernate your running apps.
force stop all android apps by Greenify apk

Allow usage access and grant permissions

  • Click on the finish button, and that’s it.
  • Create hibernation shortcuts and select the apps you want to hibernate by clicking on that hibernation shortcut button.
  • Now whenever you click on the shortcut hibernation button, the Greenify app will automatically be going to force stop all android apps in one go.

3. Close all android apps using Assistant for android apk

If you ask me to suggest only one single app for your android phone, then undoubtedly, I would love to say that the app’s name android assistant. You can’t even think of that this one single app can do. Android assistant is so far, my favorite app on the list.

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Final Words

The post was about how to force stop all android apps in one click, I’ve tried to cover everything about closing apps using force stop. And if you ask me to suggest only one app, then go for the android assistant app.

The android assistant can be your best bet to force stop all your Android apps in a single click.

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