The Secret Trick To Speed Up Your Android Phone In 2021

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Android smartphone gets slow after using over time; it doesn’t matter how powerful the processor is equipped with your phone; it is going to slow after using a few months or a little longer.

If you are getting irritated that why your phone is not performing as it was new and want to speed up your android phone, then read further.

I want to share my experience with you that seven years back, I purchased an android phone, which was not significant in specifications, though I didn’t care for the specs at that time. As the phone was new, I was quite happy with its performance.

The phone was lag-free and nice to operate as daily usage. But after a few months, I started to notice that my phone is getting slow while opening apps. And with time, it was getting even slower like some lazy people.

I noticed lag, even in the inbuilt calling app. Whenever I had to open an app, a thought always pops out in mind that the time is not passing, it is too slow. Yeah, I was getting frustrated also.

Then I researched like hell, How to make an old android phone faster? How can I make my android phone run faster? How to speed up an android phone? Hidden tricks to boost android phone’s performance. I searched these keywords at that time.

Guess what now I know approx everything that slows down an android phone and how to speed up like it is a new and out of the box. I am going to share with you all the tricks I know to make any android phone to run with its full potential.

The ultimate solution to speed up any android phone is to perform a factory reset but, this will cost your phone’s internal data.

Though you can make your android phone run faster by merely performing a factory reset but, what if you do not want to reset your phone. Because resetting your android phone will erase everything of internal storage.

There are two different ways to speed up an android phone, the first one is after rooting, and the second is without rooting.

After rooting your android device, there are many apps for rooted android phones, which can make your android phone a lot smoother. But, many people do not know how to root their phones and what is the advantage and disadvantages of rooting the android phone.

Not everyone is familiar with this rooting thing, so here we will discuss the second method, which is how you can make your android phone run faster than ever without rooting.

speed up your android phone

10 Ways To Speed Up Your Android Phone Like A Pro

1. Uninstall or Disable the apps you are not going to use

The first thing you should do is uninstall all the apps which are currently installed on your phone. I do this every time even I have the latest phone with the most high-end chipset. Just because eventually, it will use some percentage of the battery juice and can impact on the performance also.

Go to your settings > Apps there you can see a list of all of your installed apps, think which app is not for you, touch that app icon, and you’ll get an option to disable or uninstall that particular app.

The manufacturer of the phone preinstalls some apps for the ease of their customers, you can not uninstall these apps, so disable it.

2. Update your phone to the latest firmware provided by the manufacturer

As early you get the notification that you got an update, you should not update your phone at the moment.

Wait for a while and go to the youtube or google to check out if the update is stable or having bugs. Try to find out what other people are experiencing with the new update. If everything is okay, then you can install it without worrying.

Although those bugs always will be fixed by the manufacturer but for that, you have to wait for another update.

Do not get excited, but you should update your phone to the latest one.

3. Clear your internal storage frequently

Whenever you install a new app only for a temporary purpose, and after a few minutes, you uninstall it while thinking it was completely wiped out of your phone.

But, that particular app leaves some amount of hidden data in your internal space. This does not happen with every android apps. Some apps get deleted completely.

You should always keep some space left in your internal memory. It would be recommended to go at least 4GB to 6GB internal space to perform your phone it’s full potential.

To avoid this problem for the next time, whenever you uninstall an app, do check your internal folders, there must be a folder name by that uninstalled app. This was a manual method, and you can also do it by using an app Files by Google.

Files by Google app will help you to clear your system junk files and unused files, and it also recognizes which app you don’t use so you can uninstall that. This app has so many useful features that will help you to make your android phone run faster.

4. Clear App cache files regularly to speed up your android phone

Installed apps use your internal storage to make cache files. Though cache files are useful if you have to use the apps frequently.

The more you use your apps, the more they will make cache files, and that’s why your internal storage is getting full, and you have no idea what is the real cause behind this.

Don’t worry, you can clear your cache by going to the settings > apps then you can clear caches of all apps one by one if you want.

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Remember, do not clear cache too frequently because cache files are helpful for apps to load previously used data faster; in response to that, you can get improvement in performance.

5. Force stop all the other apps from making your android phone faster

I would say this the most practical method to speed up your android phone so far. I don’t know why nobody talks about this.

If you are already facing lag in your android phone, then you should use only one app at a time. First, do a force stop all the running apps of your device.

If there is no app running on your phone, then you can use one that one particular app that you have required. In this way, your phone can concentrate all the power to that one app you are using.

Closing an app by force stop will shut down that app until you open that again, so your android phone can run faster.

To perform a force stop, go to your settings > apps click on any app you want to force stop. You can do it one by one as per your need, or you can close all your apps in just a single click using Greenify or android assistant app.

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Do not force stop your apps too frequently because it will be going to use more battery power.

6. Reduce the workload of your android phone using lite apps

Lite apps were made for lower-end devices, so the people who don’t have smartphones with very high specs can also enjoy the apps. Many popular apps like Facebook, messenger, Flipkart, and twitter have their lite apps.

Try finding out which app has a lite version and use those versions. Lite apps do not require more ram and processing data, so your android can run much faster. Also, lite apps require fewer internet data than the original apps made by developers.

If you can not find any lite app which you have required, then you can make it your lite app by using the hermit app.

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7. Disable auto-updates app from google play store

You should disable the auto-updates app from google play store for many reasons. Like whenever an update is available, the play store starts updating that app without asking you.

What if you have to operate your phone at that time your apps are updating and as a result, you will get a prolonged performance by your phone.

Another essential reason is to disable auto-updates apps is if you are browsing something, and at that time, your phone starts updating apps. I don’t think I have to mention what will happen, it causes slow surfing experience.

disable auto updates apps
Disable auto-update apps

To disable the auto-updates, go your google play store app > settings > auto-update apps > Don’t auto-update apps.

8. Do Restart your phone regularly

Some android phones are not built that good like if you close them, they won’t get closed really.

Those apps might still be running in the background of your android phone. This is why restart is essential for your android device just like a windows computer.

Sometimes the android device can hang due to heavy load or too many processes running in the background.

Doing a restart can fix make things right for your android phone. So restart is actually necessary for any gadget except for the ios and MacBooks, they are on some other level gadgets.

9. Do not install any battery saver or cleaner app

I would say this a hundred times, please do not install any kind of battery saver app or ram cleaner app in your android phone.

These cleaner apps might give you a boost for a few seconds only but, that’s not true. Later these apps will gonna more ram or more battery by always running in the background.

I had faced this issue in the past that my phone was slow, and the battery was not so good, so I decided to install a battery saver app.

I searched for a battery saver app for the android phone at that time I found one with the name battery doctor. There was another app DU battery saver.

Whatever the name, they both were the same as both apps were draining battery equally. I didn’t understand at that time why my battery is not getting drained like never before. So I uninstalled those battery sucker apps and got better results.

Cleaner apps will kill all the running processes in your android device and as soon as you close them. And if you have to open that recently killed app again, it is going to take even more battery than it should be.

So do not use any kind of app killer app on your Android phone.

10. Reset your phone – the ultimate solution for any problem in android phone

After trying all solutions, if you find that your phone is still not performing well, then perform a factory reset. Resetting your phone will going to erase everything off your system memory, so consider taking a backup already.

I would like to say if you are having any problem with your android phone and you are unable to understand that what’s wrong, then reset your android phone.

Resetting your phone will make everything okay, and you’re going to get the same experience again that your phone gave you for the very first time when you’ve unboxed it.

Speed up your android phone with developer settings

1. Turn off animation settings

Here comes the most effective method in the list to speed up your android phone. By default, the developer options are off, or you can say hidden in every android phone.

To enable developer options > go to your settings > system > about phone > build number, tap on build number for about 5 to 7 times, then you’ll see a popup “you’re now a developer.” 

To access developer options, go to your settings > system > developer options.

speed up android phone with developer settings
Reduce Animations to 0.5x or turn it off

Turn on developer options if it is off, now scrolls down to the drawing section.

Here you can see the bunch of animation options – window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale. Set their animation scale to 0.5x for each; if your phone is too slow, then it would be recommended to turn off the animations.

This will reduce the animations between your app openings and switching between the apps. Technically this trick does not speed up your phone, but it will seem like your phone is working faster now.

You should give it a try even if your phone is already fast, but still, try this once you notice the blazing fast experience by your android phone.

2. Enable Force GPU rendering

enable force gpu rendering
enable force GPU rendering

After setting up animations to 0.5x, now scrolls down a little to enable force GPU rendering below that option.

Enabling this will start using your phone’s GPU to render apps transitions and animations. This way, your phone’s CPU and GPU both can work simultaneously so you can get better performance with your android phone.

Enabling force GPU rendering might drain your battery a little faster, but you will get your work done with your device. Use it or don’t at least try it at once.

3. Try setting GPU renderer from Default to Skia

In Hardware accelerated rendering after enabling force GPU rendering, you have another option to try that is set GPU renderer.

set gpu renderer to skia
Set GPU renderer to Skia

In android phone’s GPU renderer is OpenGL (Default), change it to Skia instead of the default.

This option is a little controversial because some people found a decrease in their gaming performance for some games on their android phone. On the other side, some people found it was helpful for them.

So you have to try yourself how this works with your Android device.

3. Don’t keep activities

This option is like an app killer for your android phone. Like if you are using Whatsapp and as soon you close the Whatsapp, that option will shut down your Whatsapp, and it can’t be run in the background anymore.

This might be useful in some cases, but I won’t recommend this don’t keep activities option. Because it might drain your battery sooner and can cause app crashes.

4. Set background process limit

set background process limit
Set Background Process Limit

Developer options give an android user to set how many apps can run in the background. The lower the process results increase in performance.

This might be your most precious trick to speed up your android phone. With default settings, the background process limit is set to standard limit; this means that your phone can run as many processes as per requirement.

You can also set the background process limit to no background processes but, I won’t recommend that because it might cause a crash with your apps while operating.

You can try setting the background limits up to 4 processes, this will be the best setting that can make your android phone run faster than ever.

Though if you are facing any other problem with your android phone, then Google has made an official page to fix android issues like how to fix a slow Android device and more go check out from the link given below.

Android help from Google

Wrapping it up

“If you take care of things, they last.”

Android phones come with a particular chipset, which is a combo of CPU and GPU, which slows down over the time of usage.

I would suggest you take care of your things like your gadgets, if you do so, they will stick with you for a longer time.

I’ve tried to cover all the essential tips and tricks that can help you to make your android phone run faster than ever.

One thing for sure the after rooting android phones can easily give much better performance but, I won’t recommend rooting. I’ll cover the rooting topic some other day.

Thank you for reading this far.

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